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Phone Lines Down at Silverlake Wine


Silverlake Wine. Now Open! Arts District! DTLA!

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We Are Open

Call Us: Silver Lake (323) 662-9024 / Arts District (213) 335-6235

The Stream of Consciousness

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FOURTY OUNCE for days. You’ll like the red one. Chill. @ Silverlake Wine - Silver Lake


1:38 PM Oct 20th

Natural wine duo at Silverlake Wine tonight. Noel Téllez of bichiwines + Louis-Antoine Luyt of…


3:12 PM Oct 19th

The officialmexico1969 is here. 50/50 Old Vine Carignan/Young Vine Counoise from San Diego…


11:51 AM Oct 19th

Tonight they'll both be here. Noel Téllez of bichiwines Mexico and Louis-Antoine Luyt of PIPEÑO…


8:05 AM Oct 19th

Just so you know. We have Noel Téllez from bichiwines and Louis-Antoine Luyt from PIPÉNO here…


2:23 PM Oct 18th

Listen! They are both coming Noel of bichiwines Louis-Antoine Luyt of PIPEÑO MEXICO / CHILE…


3:35 PM Oct 17th

ERB Anniversary Party Tonight // Silverlake Wine Arts District 1st Wine Tasting Tonight -


10:06 AM Oct 17th

This is a huge heads up. Two Natural Wine luminaries Louis-Antoine Luyt + Noel Téllez…


8:03 PM Oct 16th