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Phone Lines Down at Silverlake Wine


Silverlake Wine. Now Open! Arts District! DTLA!

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We Are Open

Call Us: Silver Lake (323) 662-9024 / Arts District (213) 335-6235


  • Shopkeeperness

    I experience my “shopkeeperness” (I’m sure there is a German word for this) most vividly while cleaning the fingerprints off glass surfaces or when sweeping the sidewalk outside the store. Sweeping and polishing are both honest work, not too difficult, but important.They are also jobs that can be done perfectly.

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  • Holiday Cocktails

    Growing up a Minnesotan of Norwegian descent, there was a big emphasis on the Christmas holiday. After all, when it's that cold and dark you can see appeal of anything that smacks of light, warmth and levity. Unfortunately, in my extended family, there were a lot of teetotalers and so I had to learn some of the Scandinavian traditions from friends. One of those traditions is the Aquavit toast...

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